Full-Service Bitcoin Mining
Bitcoin Mining Simplified
mine bitcoin with Codex.
Regardless if you're just starting out, have mining experience, or already a large-scale miner, Codex is arguably your best choice for Full-Service bitcoin mining.

When you’re going long on bitcoin, does it really make sense to lease your equipment, or “rent” your rewards? Of course not.

Then why is it still common for mining service to “net out” your digital rewards with fees, or even to end a “cloud contract” prematurely if bitcoin value dips? 
Don't settle for less bitcoin when bitcoin is your goal. Choose Codex.
Unlike other services, you maintain clear title to the equipment at all times, giving you all the unique benefits that only come with ownership.
Your equipment is hosted and monitored in facilities optimized for maximum reward creation by professionals. You own it, we care for it.
It’s your equipment, so it’s your bitcoin. No surprises, total visibility into your device performance and 100% of the digital rewards.
a solution you don't have to worry about.
Choose Codex and enjoy Full-Service bitcoin mining, including device ownership, total transparency of your equipment performance, and 100% payout of the digital rewards. 
Which codex solution makes sense for me?
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