Bitcoin Mining Simplified
Bitcoin Mining Simplified
Get 6 Months Free Power & Hosting
Get 6 Months Free Power & Hosting
six months free power & hosting.
Choose Codex as your bitcoin mining solution and get six months free power and hosting. Why? Because we can.
We've secured more low cost power than any other consumer mining solution and that savings is being passed to you.

Codex offers you a smart and easy way to participate in mining bitcoin. Whether you're just starting, have some experience or you are already a large-scale miner, Codex is arguably the best choice for bitcoin mining.
We are not a cloud miner. It’s your hardware hosted and monitored by professionals in facilities optimized for maximum value creation. You own it, we take care of it.
Mining successfully is highly dependent on electricity rates and infrastructure efficiency. We offer the most competitive rates in the marketplace as well as the best in hosting services. 
At Codex, it’s your equipment, so it’s your bitcoin. No surprises and total visibility into how your machines are performing.
Forget about the complicated set up and maintenance of mining equipment. Purchase a mining package with us and you can be certain it will be operating at peak performance. No matter which package you choose, you are getting the latest technology, which guarantees maximum performance.
Which codex solution makes sense for me?
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