Professional Solutions
Professional Solutions
professional solutions.
At Codex, we are proud to have leading bitcoin mining experts as part of our team. We've assembled an all-star group of professionals, thought leaders and industry experts that possess a diverse blend of talent, skill and experience. 
Bitcoin mining and blockchain technology is disrupting the world and is here to stay. Our model is simple: allow anyone who desires to participate in bitcoin mining an easy entry point.
Codex has created a hard to beat bitcoin mining opportunity that combines ultra low cost power, state of the art equipment and unmatched industry expertise. 
Our mining solutions are designed from the ground up to provide the most efficient and reliable outcomes.
power solutions.
Mining profitability has a lot to do with having access to low cost power. That’s why Codex has focused so aggressively on power. With every Codex hosting agreement you are getting access to the lowest cost power that we can offer. 
equipment solutions.
We've worked hard to create a supply chain that will scale with the demands of this exciting industry. What that means to you is we always have equipment available at highly competitive pricing.
mobile data center.
For industrial power, commercial and energy producers with overcapacity there is Codex Box Pro. It’s a fully automated bitcoin mining facility, housed in a state of the art mobile container.
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