why choose codex?
Codex offers you a smart way to start mining bitcoin. Our mining solutions are suitable for those who are just entering the exciting world of bitcoin mining, as well as established large-scale miners. 

We've assembled an all-star team of professionals and experts in bitcoin mining, data center processing and the power industry. Possessing a diverse blend of talent, skills and experience, our team is prepared to support anyone who wants to participate in bitcoin mining. 

Our mining solutions are designed from the ground up to provide the most efficient and reliable outcomes.
the codex advantages.
It’s not our nature to boast, but we simply hold that no other mining group can compete with our performance.
hands free experience.
no middle man.
Bitcoin mining has a major technical barrier. We’ve made it easy for anyone to get involved and to own bitcoin mining equipment, no matter your technical expertise.
Codex and it’s partners own both the power contracts as well as the electrical infrastructure. This means incredible savings that can be passed on to you.
low cost electricity.
six months free power.
No one can match our energy relationships. We’ve secured enough low cost energy to power a good sized city. No joke.  Maximize your performance with Codex.
Lock in six months of free power and hosting* on your purchase. Why? Because we can! There’s never been a better time to get involved.
hosted in the USA.
this is not cloud mining.
Codex is proud to offer America’s #1 consumer mining solution.
You are NOT buying fractional interest or ownership, this is your equipment. You own it and we host it at one of our secure facilities.
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Which codex solution makes sense for me?
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